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The Loan Exchange Instant Loans

The Loan Exchange is one of our favorite lenders. They have a great service, better terms than many other options and they still turn around near instant loan decisions through a streamlined and easy online loan application process.

So what makes this such a great option? Read our Loan Exchange Review here.

Personal Loans

They do small loans down to 2,600 dollars and larger amounts up to 50,000 dollars based on your needs. They also have flexible terms with payback options ranging from 47-180 months. That can drop your monthly payment to around 130 bucks on some loan options. For the highest amounts, you should have good credit. A lower, bad credit loan is possible however.

When you complete an application, they will tap a network of lenders and bring back a range of offers. You can choose the one with the best terms find your ideal personal loan.

Loan Program Benefits- Low monthly payments!- No pre-payment penalties!- Uses the money for any purpose!- Pay off other debts!- Get your money in as-fast-as 3 to 4 hours! Click here to Start a Loan Exchange Application and Get Approved Today

Easy Business Loans

Finding a reasonable application process for a business loan is no easy task. At the Loan Exchange, they only require 3 documents to apply, your results come through in about 5 minutes and you can have the funds in your account within hours. Same day business loans are a real possibility here and when your business needs funds to make a deal or cover payroll, it’s a relief knowing the money will hit the bank that day.

Loan Program Benefits- No collateral needed!- Fixed low monthly payment.- Only 3 documents needed.- Get approval in 5 minutes!Your funds wired to your account in 2 hours! Get Approved Today

The minimum on business loans from the Loan Exchange is 6,000 dollars and the maximum is 250,000 dollars. You can work some great terms, extending payment plans out to 120 months at a decent interest rate. It’ll run higher than a bank but the bank isn’t likely to approve your application. That makes this the perfect option for a decent rate and fewer hurdles on a business loan. A cash call loan scenario also works here.

We hope you enjoyed our Loan Exchange Review.