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Purefy Student Loans and Refinancing Options

Purefy offers new student loans and refinancing for existing student loans. Finding a great student lender that will consolidate everything and keep your student loans under a single umbrella during and after college is difficult. Ran as a subsidiary of PenFed, one of the largest federal credit unions around means you will have competitive rates from a nationally trusted lender.

Purefy Student Loans

You can find a loan for undergraduate programs, graduate programs and parent loans for children in college are also available. The application takes a meager 15 minutes, making it a convenient means of securing funds for college.

Deferment – You can defer the loan until you graduate or even 6-months after graduation. The option to make interest only payments or a smaller flat amount while in school is also available.

Interest Rates – The rates you secure are influenced by a number of factors. In most cases, a student loan interest rate is far less than something like an auto loan or personal loan. Fixed and variable loans are options with interest depending on credit score, loan term and the amount of schooling completed. A cosigner can really drive down your interest rate too.

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Student Loan Refinancing

If already have student loans, working with Purefy can secure a better rate, easier terms and can even consolidate your existing loans. Student loan consolidation can save you a ton of money in monthly payments. I ended up consolidating my student loans into a single payment and it made life waaaay easier. Just having a single login to access everything is a headache saver.

Refinance Rates – Most federal student loans have a good rate but graduates with good credit can qualify for a better rate through a private refinancing program. The government loans do not offer refinancing and you are stuck with the rate for the life of the loan. Consider saving money on your existing and private loans by securing a lower interest rate.

The Process – You will only need a few basic things to process a refinance application. If approved, you will be on track to eliminate your debt much sooner than expected. You will need a pay stub or tax return, drivers license, payoff statement from the existing lender and your diploma or transcripts. It’s easy!