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Trusted Personal Loans is a good lender for a wide range of loan amounts and variable credit scores and personal situations. They offer competitive rates on loans and can approve and deliver on instant loans as soon as the next day. They also have a painless application process when compared to other lenders.

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Best Loan Use

The use for funds from Trusted Personal Loans is discretionary in most cases. In other words, it’s entirely up to you. They will fund auto repairs, weddings, home improvements and even vehicles and RV’s. In many cases, you really don’t need to supply a specific use so long as you qualify financially. They accept Bad Credit Loan Applications for small and large amounts.

Instant Loan Approval Times

An Instant Loan from Trusted Personal loans can turn around pretty quickly. The exact time frame varies based on your ability to fully fill out the application and submit all necessary documentation. Your own bank and their internal processes can hang things up as well. Keep in mind that any banking transaction is more likely to complete and post on a weekday.

With everything in order and a good weekday application, you can turn around cash to your bank account by the next day. You could say it’s almost an instant loan and definitely falls into the quick cash category. They do send your application out to several vendors to find the best match for financing which helps your odds of approval.

Amount Range

The really nice thing about the Trusted Personal Loans program is the amount range. They do not have a high minimum and you can start with loans as low as $200. They also have a high maximum and will fund loans up to $40,000. If you need a small amount of quick cash or need quick funds into the thousands for a wedding, home remodel or other reason, they can likely work with your desired amount and match a lender that meets your needs.

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Alternative Uses

You actually could work with this lender to fund a business. While using personal loans for business needs is not traditional, it’s much easier to secure funds on a personal level. This rings especially true for new businesses as many lenders will require a minimum amount of time in business and a minimum monthly revenue. Trusted personal loans is a good alternative option if you really believe in your model and understand the risk to your personal finances.